Site Assessment & Due Diligence

Nutshell has performed more than 6,000 environmental assessments of commercial and industrial properties throughout the mid-Atlantic region and has a deep understanding of the issues that present.

Our expertise spans all types of commercial environmental due diligence, including:

If contamination is suspected, Nutshell offers enhanced due diligence (Phase II Investigations) that includes:

Site Remediation & Hazardous Waste Management

Nutshell Environmental has extensive experience working with local, state and federal government agencies—in addition to private commercial and industrial companies—to restore properties to their full potential in a cost-effective manner.

When water, soil, or air contamination are detected, we develop and implement a remedial action plan while working closely with regulators to achieve case closure.

Examples of remediation projects include:

Most recently, Nutshell completed a sizeable remediation of base housing at the Perry Point VA Medical Center.

Compliance Management Services

Nutshell’s enduring mission is to help clients achieve and maintain regulatory compliance by minimizing potential risk. This includes cost/benefit analysis and planning for infrastructure improvements, land development, and/or habitat restoration projects.

Examples of services provided include:

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